Principal Message

Teaching is one of the best professions in the world.  It is my pleasure that I am a Principal of RRGMW  School that stands for its excellence and quality education.  I am a learner as well as a teacher because, you know, one who dares to teach must never cease to learn.  I am learning not only from my seniors and colleagues but also from my students and parents, through continuous interaction. To be a good learner, I know how a child learns.  So my team pays special attention not only to interested students but also reluctant students.  We have special laboratories at our campus which boost the IQ level of students. 

            The school is providing 1St class infrastructure and dedicated faculty that help students in realizing their potential.  We polish the potential of the student to be a skilled person.  We encourage students to participate in multifarious activities because we know every child is a unique gift of God. RRGMW  School for Boys and Girls is the educational destination of choice for eminent parents, not only in Kanina Block but the whole of south Haryana.  It is providing excellent results in academic as well as other fields also.  We are highly proud of providing a wide range of Co-curricular activities that we offer to our students. Our school represents a strong connectivity among the four pillars of education: teacher, student, curriculum and parents.  You may observe a glimpse of discipline, determination, dedication, and self-motivation in RRGMians.  We are in the mission of educating India’s next generation of leaders in business, administration, and politics as well as culture. Providentially, I have an experienced and allied team that brought the school to its present standard.  I assure you that my doors will always be opened to students and their parents for any suggestions and guidance.